How to Get Crunchyroll on Samsung TV

If you’re looking for a way to get the Crunchyroll app on your Samsung TV, you have a few options. While the official application will not work on all TVs, there are ways to access the same content without a complicated setup process. To start, you can use the web browser or another device with screen share.

Alternatively, you can use a third-party app that has been crafted to make the most of your Samsung TV’s display capabilities. However, these apps are not always reliable and may not work on every model. Some of them require modifications to work on your TV.

screen of samsung tv
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The Samsung Smart TV is a premium device that comes with a lot of features and offers outstanding audio and video quality. Most models also support AirPlay, which allows you to stream your phone or tablet to the TV. In addition, it has an App store, which contains several popular apps that are compatible with Samsung TVs.

But while many of these apps are popular, there are also a lot of them that aren’t. For instance, not all models support the PLEX app, which is a free way to watch anime on Samsung TVs. Another option is Google Chromecast, which allows you to stream movies, television shows and more to your Samsung TV from your Android device.

Finally, there’s screen mirroring. This option is available on most major phone brands. It’s not quite as fancy as screen sharing, but it’s quick and easy to use. Your phone and TV must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to make this possible. You can also use a dedicated device that you can connect to the TV to watch the content.

One of the easiest ways to get the Crunchyroll app on the Samsung TV is by using a streaming stick. These devices are usually sold on Amazon for under $50. Many of them are compatible with the Crunchyroll app, as well as other popular apps. They don’t have the same range of features as a dedicated device, but they do offer a compelling way to get the Crunchyroll app onto your Samsung TV.

samsung logo on the tv
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Similarly, the Samsung Smart View app is another way to get the Crunchyroll app. Although the app doesn’t work on all models, it’s supported on older Samsung smart TVs. Using the Samsung Smart View app, you can stream videos and other content from your smartphone to your Samsung TV.

When you’re ready to get the Crunchyroll app on a Samsung Smart TV, you’ll first need to download it from the App Store. Afterward, you’ll need to log into your account. Once you’ve logged into your account, you’ll have to choose the Cast tab. Click on the three dots on the top right of the window. After you’ve done that, you’ll be able to choose which app you’d like to use to cast the content to your TV.

Lastly, you’ll want to check the list of supported apps for your specific model. Depending on your model, some may require additional programming languages, while others will only work with your Samsung Smart TV.