Why do I Need a Messenger and Which One Should I Choose?

What a messenger is for is a question to which there are many different answers. For corporate correspondence with colleagues, news chats, online stores, friendly conversations, family archives with photo sharing.

No one’s life is complete without messengers anyway. Firstly, because it is convenient compared to SMS. Secondly, because it is conditionally free. You pay only for the selected mobile Internet tariff and correspond for your pleasure, without thinking about the balance. If you need multiple accounts, then you buy number for telegram and use two accounts.

Which messenger should I choose

The choice depends solely on your requests and personal opinion. A child is likely to enjoy a large selection of free stickers on Telegram, and the older generation will like WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Messenger

A free service for Android and iOS for exchanging text or voice messages, calls, photos, videos and documents. If you want to separate personal chats and work chats, you can buy a virtual number for whatsapp.


  • Group chats with the possibility of video calls.
  • Sync with your smartphone’s address book. You don’t have to add contacts manually.


  • The message deletion will be displayed in the dialog.
  • Restrictions on the transfer of images. To throw off a large archive of vacation photos, you will have to try.


It takes the first place in the top “Communication” in the section of the best free applications. Telegram differs from other messengers in that it is synonymous with security. All information is sent in encrypted form, including all messages in chats and groups.

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  • Synchronization. You can access your correspondence from multiple devices at the same time, including computers and tablets.
  • Chat groups based on interests. From an online store with bath bombs to news feeds.
  • Bots. Developers can create their own chatbots to automate tasks, and users can chat with a psychologist bot.


  • There is no decryption of voice messages in the free version of the app.

These are just some messengers, but they are the most popular among users.