Why are Videos More Effective for Learning?

Studies have shown that humans process visuals faster than written text. As soon as the human brain sights a text, it first scans through and checks keywords that will interest it to read more. However, that is not the same for videos. 

The human brain wants to watch videos from start to finish, even when borrowing. In other words, humans don’t passively watch videos most of the time; they participate in them. Read and learn why videos seem more effective for learning.


Videos are more interactive; you can pause and replay to get more information. Based on this video, learning appears to be more effective than text. More so, you can practicalize your learning while watching the video. Compared to text, you have to visualize and implement it.

Communicates faster

Using text to learn is good, but it doesn’t communicate faster than videos. Visualizing something and practicing it makes learning much easier. Videos help your teaching make an impact on your students or audience. 

man watch training video
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Makes learning easier

When using text to teach, the brain must visualize and imagine it to make any sense. Meanwhile, for videos, the brain has to process what it’s seeing and practicalize it. There is no need to use your imaginary instincts because you can practicalize what you have learned in real-time.

Fun and interesting

Aside from making learning faster, video learning is fun and exciting. You can slow it down and learn at your own pace. You already know what you should be expecting. Therefore, if your work is not as good as the video lessons, you can rewind and start all over. 


Many skilled people have benefited from watching videos and learning to improve their skills. Platforms like YouTube have made a good impact on the DIY sections. Finally, to download YouTube videos, you need a converter.